Another Tourist at the Falls consists of a set of stereoscopic videos that intend to follow the path of a Stereoscopic Tour Guide entitled “Niagara Falls Through the Stereoscope” published by Underwood and Underwood in 1900. These types of guides were produced in order to transpose and immerse the spectator into a visual, almost tactile experience of a distant place. I explored the site with my bike, looking for the sightseeing spots shown in the guide and examining more than a hundred years of changes in the landscape. During the journey, I found different aspects of the place that shows the transformation of the tourist site.

The phenomenon of tourism is a kind of pilgrimage responding to an urge to visit sites loaded with signs. As tourists, we are immersed in a cognitive loop: we preview an imaginary place before actually visiting it, read the space through a map of iconic landscapes and places, experience the space with our own body, capture sight with cameras, and later convert these images of icons mixed with our own experiences into another narration of the space. The exhibit aims to narrate the artist’s experiences in Niagara Falls and explore how she envisioned the place before relocating to Buffalo, NY.

SPECIAL THANKS Anna Scime, Liz Flintz, Jordan Dalton, Katy Brown, Kyle Butler, Brian Clark, Marc Böhlen, Diego Castillo,  Chris Siano, Dave Pape, Carl Lee, Niagara Falls Public Library, Teri Rueb, Miriam Paeslack, John Piret, Liz Lessner, Laura Curry