The Connected Souvenir

The Connected Souvenir questions the status of the souvenir as an object for static remembrance by establishing real-time communication with the experiences of visitors to Niagara Falls. The souvenir uses water samples from the Niagara River, manipulating the samples with […]

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Ceci nes’t pas un corps

“Ceci nes’t pas un corps” is a project that uses thermo chromic ink and basic circuits to generate heat, in order to build a dress that displays texts suggesting characteristics of a woman who might likely be it’s owner. The […]

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VIDEORED  (2007 – 2011) Angélica Piedrahita, Jose Alejandro López, Camilo Cogua y Jaguar Taller Digital.  Financial support from Banco Santander y Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Videored is a website for sharing video on the Internet, allocated at product of a […]

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