Angélica Piedrahita en el Sanatoria Taller de Cerámica

Amplifications is a series of sound experiences that explore the materials that interact to produce sound. Exercise No.1> Amplification of the sound of water falling on metallic surfaces. Different falls, variations in the flow of water. Exercise No.2> Ceramic speakers, […]

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Cicada´s striatons

This project seeks to turn light into sound, precision measuring the light frequencies inside the exhibition space.Translating and mixing the audible sound frequencies according to the variations of light in the room, while visitors pass through the space. The installation […]

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River Soundscape is an audio-tactile installation that seeks to expose the constructedness of our ideas of landscape by re-contextualizing elements found in a nature scene: water from the river through its absence in an empty mason jar and imported decorative […]

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