Tickling, Buzzing and Other Discomforts

Tickling, Buzzing and Other Discomforts brought together artists at different stages of their careers to explore the aesthetic dimensions of sound and sound perception from body, matter and space.

From August 4 to 27, 2016, sound objects and performances were presented that explored the multidimensionality of sound. The projects derive from exercises and practices that understand sound not as just another medium of the arts, but as a dimension of experience.
The exhibition was held in different spaces of the city EL PARCHE Artist Residency, El Sanatorio, El Lugar and the auditoriums of the Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá.

Participating Artists:
Andrés Cepeda
Andrés Jurado
Esteban Hernandez
Camila Malaver, Santiago Dussan and Natalia Abdala
Christian Lesmes
Individual Collective – Felipe Daza and Sebastián Daza
Gabriel Zea
Iván Garzón and Laura Gardeazabal
Juan José López
Laura Curry
Leonel Vasquez
Mario Andrés Gonzáles
Manuela Rodríguez, Mariana Rubio, Iván Cruz, Daniel Manosalva
Nicole Baquero, Daniela Rincón and Natalia Londoño
Pablo Rincón and Mónica Torregrosa
RADIO EL LUGAR Julia Bejarano and Alejandra Bonilla
Rafael Acero
Sebastian Gonzales
SUDO University Obsolescence Seedbed
Timothy Noble
Tina Pit